• Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Gourmet Hot Cocoa



This is hot cocoa the way hot cocoa should be - premium all-natural African cocoa powder, natural peppermint (in our peppermint variety), and just enough sugar.  No fillers, no artificial flavors, nothing but the best, most flavorful hot cocoa you can find. 

What makes our cocoa different? We pride ourselves in our high quality ground cocoa sourced under fair-trade practices in Ghana. The entire process, from bean to cocoa, happens right near the farms where these amazing cocoa beans are grown.  This results in an intensely great cup of hot cocoa with an incrediblee flavor profile.  

These make darling gifts; especially when paired with a Mini Whisk!