• Spring-Summer Wax Melts

Spring-Summer Wax Melts

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Highly scented Soy blend wax melts for use in warmers.  Place a couple squares in your melter and enjoy the long-lasting, flame-free scent!  When the scent is gone, simply pour out warm wax and replace with new squares.  Need a warmer?  Get one of our favorite dual-use warmers, here

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F L O R A L S 
PEONY - Fresh, clean light floral with hints of sweet peony and greenery.
ORANGE BLOSSOM - Orange blossom, jasmine, like the blooms on the tree.
LILAC - Just like the name implies, fresh lilac wafting through the window!
LAVENDER - Pure, relaxing lavender scent.

CLEAN LEMON - Bright, fresh, and clean. Little bit like Lemon Head candy!
GRAPEFRUIT + MINT - Fresh tart grapefruit + fresh mint.
CITRUS SUNSHINE - Smells like Anthropologie's volcano scent.

S W E E T & D E L I C I O U S 
BLUEBERRY STREUSEL - Customer fave. Buttery dough, berries, orange zest.
LEMON SUGAR - Like a fresh baked lemon sugar cookie.
HONEY ALMOND- Sweet honey notes with warm almond.
TAHITIAN COCONUT- Creamy, tropical coconut milk.

F R E S H & N A T U R A L
BLUE AGAVE - Notes of kaffir lime, lily, and oakmoss. Spa-like.
GREENHOUSE - A garden walk after a rain.  Natural, woodsy, earthy, greenery.