• Wells + Co Scented Candles
  • Wells + Co Scented Candles
  • Wells + Co Scented Candles
  • Wells + Co Scented Candles
  • Wells + Co Scented Candles
  • Wells + Co Scented Candles

Wells + Co Scented Candles

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Wells and Co Candles are hand-poured by Sara Wells in Boise, Idaho. Candles are scented with high quality Phthalate-free fragrances and use zinc-free braided cotton wicks. 

These are a natural, hand-made item and therefore each slightly unique and sometimes imperfect. Made with love!  All candles are 12 oz, in glass jars with screw-top white metal lids and double-wicked.


Honeycrisp: A crisp scent of freshly picked apples with notes of several varieties including it’s namesake, along with Fuji, Cameo, McIntosh and Granny Smith.

Salted Caramel Apple: Rich, warm buttery caramel notes drape over tart green apples with a touch of sea salt.   

Toasted Chai Pumpkin:  Baked pumpkin intermingles with top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel.  A touch of creamy vanilla and graham cracker add a cozy compliment.  

Woodlands: A sophisticated twist on the traditional Christmas Tree candle, making it a perfect year-round evergreen scent.  In addition to classic pine, Woodlands shines with notes of cypress, birch and mint, and is infused with natural essential oils including fir needle, cedarwood and eucalyptus.

Cranberry Balsam:festive balance of sparkling cranberry with hints of orange and fresh, earthy cypress wood.  One sniff smells like the holidays!

Peppermint Bark: The perfect balance of bright, natural peppermint and rich dark cocoa with a touch of creamy vanilla.     


Burning and Safety Instructions:

For best performance, burn until you see a full melt pool to the outside edge of the jar to avoid tunneling and achieve best scent throw. Trim wick prior to burning, if needed, and if flames appear too large. Never leave candles unattended or burning for longer than 4 hours.  Be careful with hot glass and never leave it near flammable items.